Before you decide to get rid of or not have vision insurance, make sure you know the truth about what you could be giving up! 

Insurance can be one of the biggest complications when it comes to taking care of your body. In the past ten years, we have seen a lot of changes in the insurance industry; how to get it, how to qualify, how much we’re paying for it, and if it is required by law or not. Through all of these changes, one very sad fact has remained the same: if you don’t have insurance, your medical expenses can be outlandish. For those who can’t afford or get proper insurance, it has lead to the decline of getting the proper health care they need. Have you also noticed that in the more affordable and very basic plans, vision insurance is often not even included? Along with dental and other specialized insurance, these parts of our bodies are often left with the burden of not receiving regular care. Without regular visits, treatable issues can go uncared for and turn into serious complications with no knowledge. Sadly, if they had been caught early on, no problems would have arisen. This is the truth for both adults and children. With that being said, please don’t let the lack of vision insurance stand in the way of proper eye care. There are plenty of resources for your whole family that can help provide the assistance that you need. We got to thinking about vision insurance, and that idea inspired this blog. We wanted to share some things that you should know about vision insurance before you make any assumptions about it! 

  • Annual eye exams are extremely important. You will hear us say that time and time again. Vision insurance policies can include an annual eye exam that might cost nothing or just a very small copay. 
  • Sometimes staying within your network of doctors can be challenging, but it could be a challenge worth fighting for. Glasses, contacts, and eye exams can be much more affordable when you stay in one insurance network. 
  • If an insurance policy sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Also, not every vision insurance policy covers the same thing as the next. Make sure to pick a policy that specifically covers your family’s needs. 
  • Your eye doctor did not negotiate your benefits, but they will provide you with the best vision care possible under your policy. 
  • Online purchases may or may not be covered online. They usually only cover in-person visits and procedures. 
  • Some vision plans can help with the cost of vision correction surgeries. 
  • Vision insurance can help provide and offer affordable long term eye and physical health care. 

Insurance can be a tricky thing to deal with, but that doesn’t mean it has to be. We are here to talk you through your options if you have any concerns or questions. Also, make sure to speak with your insurance provider and employer to see what vision insurance is available to you. Before you turn it down because you think you can’t afford it, remember how much more you’ll have to pay when an emergency or yearly visit comes up. Insurance can help you save money in the long run. We are always here to support you and your family! Until next time, we are here for all of your eye care needs!


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