The eyes can hold a lot of mystery and intrigue. They might also be telling us more than we might know or understand!

Hello, Summerville! Welcome back to part two of our blog series covering the reasons behind why your eyes change color. As we mentioned in our last blog, many of these reasons can be harmless. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t alert us if these changes appear. Some very serious conditions cause your eyes to change color and need to be looked at right away. If you read through either part of this blog series and have any concerns, please let us know. The majority of the first part of this blog was dedicated to how conditions and changes related to the iris can affect the color of your eyes. In this blog, we will be discussing some serious situations and interesting hypotheses that are linked to the eyes changing color. From famous rock stars with unique eyes to everyday situations, changes in your eye color can happen when you least expect it.


One of the rarest conditions you see in the eyes is called heterochromia. This condition causes the eyes to be two different colors. This can happen in humans and animals alike. There are a few different kinds of heterochromia. The first is partial heterochromia. This condition will cause different parts of the iris to be many different colors. Then, there is central heterochromia. This condition causes the iris to have two different colored rings. If you’re born with any form of heterochromia it’s not a threat to your health but, heterochromia can be caused by many health-related issues such as eye surgery, eye injury, tumors in the iris, and more. These issues can lead to permanent or potentially dangerous effects on your eye’s overall health.


Trauma to the eye can start from a very early age. As we mentioned in the first part of this blog, a child is usually born with blue or grey eyes. According to the Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute, babies can be born with two different color eyes due to trauma that happened in the womb or during birth. It can also be the cause of a genetic disorder or an issue with the pigment in the child’s eyes. Trauma can hurt or damage the iris, which can lead to tissue loss, according to the AAO. The loss of tissue can make the eye color look completely different.


It has been quoted in books from fact to fairy tale that someone’s mood can change the color of the eye. Although this is not exactly true, this ideal isn’t totally incorrect. Your mood can change the size of your pupils, which will either show more or less of your iris. This can sharpen the color or dampen it, affecting how the color looks. Your mood and your body’s natural reaction isn’t actually changing the color of your eyes. This situation is more of a mental mind trick. The effect can still be very interesting. The size of your pupil can also be changed due to stroke, brain damage, or trauma according to the AAO. When the pupil doesn’t return to its normal size, the condition is called anisocoria. Rock star David Bowie had this condition, which was the reason behind the unique look to his eyes.


The color of your eyes is determined by genetics. Over time, as you age, your eyes naturally change color due to the same reason. The color change shouldn’t be drastic, but if it is, it could be a sign of glaucoma. This will need attention right away.  


Of course, there are many other ways to change the color of your eyes if you wish. From colored contacts to surgery, the options are out there. Implant surgery, according to Healthline, can be very dangerous. It was first developed to treat eye injuries and conditions like aniridia, which is when the entire iris is missing. Now, it is a very popular option in cosmetic surgery, even for those who have their irises. Cosmetic iris implant surgery is currently very controversial. There is no current evidence that shows if the procedure is fully safe or not. We, of course, would not condone putting your eyes through treatment that is potentially dangerous. 

Have you ever noticed the color of your eyes changing? Have you noticed your loved ones’ eyes changing color? Now you know why this might be happening. If you have any questions or concerns about the color of your eyes, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Remember, if the color change is drastic, contact us right away. Make sure you have your back to school eye exams planned with us as well. We are taking every precaution to keep our patients and staff safe. We are dedicated to making you feel as safe as possible during your visit! We look forward to seeing you and your family very soon!