When a new baby comes into your life, you will have so much on your plate. But did you know that one of your top priorities in the first six months of your baby’s life needs to be an appointment with your optometrist? 

Hello Summerville! Our mighty little town is doing such an amazing job handling this situation. In this time of crisis, we know it’s hard to leave your homes and to attend to everyday needs like visiting your optometrist. Please know we are following the strict guidelines that WHO, the CDC, and our Governor have put in place for all of our staff and patient’s safety. For any comments, questions, or concerns about how we are handling this current situation, please contact us. We are currently still open, but with some modifications that we are following to make your visits safe and pleasant. With all of this weighing on each of us, we wanted to change the conversation and focus on something good.

One of the many joys in our lives is our children! Here at Ocean Eye, we believe in providing the best eye care for children starting at a very young age. This includes free eye exams for our youngest patients that are under a year old. We are also very excited and proud to participate in a national vision program called INFANTsee. Under this partnership, we can provide those complimentary doctor visits for infants under the age of one. This amazing program is aimed at educating parents on the importance of regular eye exams for their children. It also introduces an optometry visit to your child in a way that allows them to be comfortable and familiar with the offices and what an eye exam is all about, and to not be afraid of them. It also allows them to learn along with their parents about the importance of eye care and health from their very early years and beyond. 

It is very exciting to welcome a baby into your family and to watch them grow and see the world around them for the very first time. We know how very fragile our little ones are and how much they rely on us to make the right decisions to keep them healthy. This includes pediatrician’s visits. At these visits, your pediatrician can see basic eye disorders in your baby, but many eye problems can go undetected because of the lack of equipment or not having enough time during each checkup to spend looking at your child’s eyes on top of their full body checkup. To have a full check-up, your child should have a total wellness checkup with an optometrist as well. Now, with the help of INFANTsee, parents can make appoints with us or an optometrist that is apart of the program at no cost. 

We all see our beautiful children as the perfect little ones that they are, but just like anyone, their vision may not always be perfect. It is very important to have a wellness optometry appointment between their first six months and first birthday to catch any early eye problems or issues your baby’s eyes could be experiencing. 100,000 infants born every year are at risk of serious vision disorders. One in ten children has an eye condition that could have been diagnosed sooner. Early detection is possible and essential, helping many problems be prevented. This will help them now and for the rest of their lives. It can prevent surgery and many other complications throughout your child’s life. Early detection and treatment can: 

  • Help doctors catch eye issues become your child begins schooling. This way, poor vision won’t get in the way of your child’s education or discourage them from learning because they simply can’t see. 
  • Avoid surgery. 
  • Avoid permanent vision impairment. 

Eye issues and impairments don’t wait for a certain age to appear in your child’s eyes. They can appear very early on. Early detection can help them see as they are supposed to and to enjoy their lives to the fullest. This is why we are so proud to be a part of the INFTANTsee program and to offer our services to all of our parents and their precious little ones. 
For more information visit the page on our website dedicated to INFANTsee. This will help answer many common questions that other parents had that you just might too! We can’t wait to see you and your little one soon, and to get them on the path to healthy eyes for life!