Links & Resources

All About Vision

This site offers a comprehensive resource for all things eye care related. From questions about current trends in frame styles to what your insurance covers for cataracts surgery, this site will do a good job of answering most of your questions.

Doctor Ergo

Many of our patients suffer from visual strain while viewing the computer for long amounts of time. This site offers suggestions and information on Computer Vision Syndrome and even has a test for patients to take. If you decide to take this test, please print off the results and bring it into your exam so your eye doctor can explain the results and offer recommendations.

Information on Refractive Surgery

This site offers a balanced view on Laser Vision Correction and other types of refractive surgery.

American Optometric Association

This is a great site for patients to browse the latest in optometric news and advancements in eye care. You can also search for AOA affiliated physicians (including all of our experienced physicians)

Carolina Cataract and Laser Center

For our patients who need cataract surgery or are interested in LASIK and other refractive surgeries, we recommend they see the physicians at Carolina Cataract and Laser. We appreciate their wonderful bedside manner and willingness to spend a good amount of time with our patients explaining their options.

Wills Eye Institute

Wills Eye Institute is a highly specialized eye center that covers the spectrum of ocular health. Our patients enjoy the informational videos on the site, as they give an accurate representation of some of the most common ocular conditions.

Red Atlas Ocular Conditions Directory

Red Atlas is a website that was used extensively during the course of all of our physician’s optometric training while in their respective optometry schools. We have found, however, that is serves as a great resource for our patients to see actual photos as our physicians would see them in the office of various ocular conditions. Most of our patients will want to focus on the Anterior Segment Tab for conditions near the front of the eye, the Glaucoma tab if they have been diagnosed with glaucoma or as a glaucoma suspect, or the Retina tab for conditions noted in the back of the eyes.

Ocean Eye Facebook and Twitter Pages

We are committed to the most advanced patient education. We also understand that many patients want access to the latest news and information about our practice, including specials and promotions. Therefore, we have created Facebook and Twitter pages that are updated weekly in order to give our patients access to our practice at any time.