In our debut blog, we are excited to get to know our customers better, and for you to get to know us better. We are excited to get right to work and talk about how to keep your eyes healthy and happy for your whole life! 

Hello Charleston! We are so excited about our very first flagship blog post, and we are even more excited about being on this journey with you. Ocean Eye is the Lowcountry’s leading optometry office, with three different locations. We provide Charleston with great service and impeccable product quality. Our goal is to become the optometry practice for you and your family. We are waiting to give you and your family the best care for a lifetime! 

We love everything about your eyes. It’s what we are passionate about from the moment you walk into our doors for the very first time. We are here to care for our eyes from the very beginning through every step of your optical journey. We thought the best place to start in our inaugural blog post is with the basics. In the next few blogs we will be discussing the care of your eyes, glasses, and contacts on a day to day basis and over a lifetime of wear and tear. What better to start from the beginning with important information that is near and dear to our hearts? In our blogs you will learn about important and interesting eye related topics, answers to questions, learning a little bit more about our beautiful city, and much much more. So sit back and enjoy the ride! 

  • Eye Care

There are so many ways to take care of your eyes. They are delicate, unique, and powerful once in a lifetime organ. Giving them every chance to stay healthy and work at optimal health should be at the top of your priorities. Just like brushing your teeth and showering, your eyes need daily care and attention, and should never be looked over! 

  • Good Health Keeping 

Your eyes are a part of your body. Anything you decide to do or put into your body will affect your eyes, just like it would any other part. There are a few different things you can start doing right away to help promote healthy eyes from the inside out.

  • Eating a balanced and healthy diet is a great place to start. Having a balanced diet rich in vitamins, leafy vegetables, fish, fruits, and proteins can help you avoid vision problems that come with age like muscular degeneration. It can also avoid getting type two diabetes which is the leading cause of blindness in adults. 
  • Quit smoking! This can help you avoid optic nerve damage and muscular degeneration. 
  • Limit your coffee intake. 
  • Getting enough rest is crucial to your eyes, as is it to your whole body. 
  • Washing your hands before coming into contact with your eye. 
  • Stay hydrated! 
  • Lifetime Warranty 

Adding little changes into your everyday life can be a huge help in keeping your eyes healthy. One of these changes can be a fashionable one, always wear your sunglasses! Keep them at hand, and protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays. If you’re exposed to too much ultraviolet it can boost the chance of harm done to your eyes. If you wear glasses or contacts, make sure your eyes are also protected. If you are doing any kind of home maintenance, repair, or work in dangerous or hazardous situations always wear the proper protective eye wear. Make sure they fit you properly and offer protection and ventilation to your whole eye. This goes for athletes as well. If you work on the computer or spend a lot of time reading for your job or fun, be mindful of how long you spend doing these activities and give yourself breaks. Don’t sit too far away from your screen, and try to avoid reading small print for long periods. Make sure your glasses or contact prescription is up to date, and keep your eyes lubricated. Giving yourself blinking breaks and fresh air can rejuvenate your eyes.  

  • Doctors Care 

There are so many things that you can personally do to keep your eyes healthy. Then there are things that only we, as professionals, can give you. Regular eye exams are very important and should never be overlooked. Introducing your family to checkups from an early age can help them learn to care for their own eyes. Your eyes are some of the most delicate organs in your body, and they will always need the best delicate care. Many issues that could appear or are hereditary can only be spotted by a trained eye. Having an eye exam at least once a year is recommended. For our young patients who are under a year, they will receive complimentary visits. When it comes to issues, pay attention. Pay attention to any changes that occur to your vision and how your eyes look or feel. Always make sure to let your doctor know about any changes right away. Be aware of your family’s optical history, and watch for signs of anything that might have been passed onto you. 

  • A Little Extra
    • Avoid rubbing your eyes
    • Wear high-quality makeup 
    • Keep your glasses and contacts clean 
    • Keep makeup brushes clean and replace when needed
    • Avoid dry air 
    • Don’t share towels 

Eye care is what we do best, and what we love to share with you. We are so excited to keep sharing more information, tips, and other bits of wisdom with you as we continue with our blogs. Please take all of this information to heart, it’s a great place to begin your optical journey and is a great place to come back to when you stray off the path. Keep your eyes, body, and mind healthy and happy. You have so much to see and we want to help you keep seeing it!