When it’s time to start wearing contacts, you’ll need to have a Contact Lens Fitting. What does this entail and what should you expect?

In one of our most recent blogs, we talked about the difference between soft and hard contacts. At the very beginning of that blog, we mentioned that we only fit lenses that are healthy for the patient and provide the most comfortable wearing experiences. We wanted to dive a little deeper into this subject and discuss what exactly goes into a proper lens fitting. We want to give you a better idea of what you might expect when visiting our offices to get your contacts!

Please know that we do not offer generic brand contacts and do not fit lenses that have an increased incidence of eye infections. Our physicians and staff will walk you through an extensive patient history to pick which lens material, wear schedule, sleep schedule, and replacement schedule is right for you and your new contacts. Our physicians and contact lens technicians are trained with many different types of lenses including Air Optix, Proclear, Acuvue Oasys, and more! They are also trained in providing multiple types of contact lens designs; Spherical, Toric, and Multi-Focal.

The Appointment

Is it time for contacts? Then it’s time for a contact lens fitting. This is more than just a general eye exam, and it will have a different flow of procedure. Make sure to plan efficient time for this appointment, and give yourself at least an hour to spend with us. Don’t rush through this appointment, especially if it’s your first experience wearing contacts. During your appointment, you will be spending time with our staff and doctors to evaluate which contact lenses are the best for the shape of your eyes, your lifestyle, and what you do for a living. Once a contact is chosen, they will make sure it covers your eye properly, moves as it should, if it causes any surface problems, and if they cause any issue with your cornea. Our staff will also spend time to ensure that you know how to put in and take out your contacts, that you feel comfortable with using them, and that you know how to clean them properly. You will receive a complimentary pair of lenses and any care needed within the first three months of your first fitting. This is generally 1-3 visits.  

What Else To Expect

While a contact lens fitting is different from a normal eye appointment, there are similar features. Your doctor will still check on the overall health of your eye, you will put test contacts in your eyes after a prescription has been determined, and you will spend time getting used to the feel of the contact in your eye. Your doctor will spend time analyzing the shape and condition of your eyes, their specific needs, and your lifestyle before having you put in a pair for the first time. They aren’t going to rush their choice, so the first or second pair will most likely be the best fit for you. Please make sure to speak up if you’re not comfortable with the choices provided. We will make sure to work with you to find the best option possible.

Be Prepared

Contact and glasses fittings are two very different things. Glasses are measured and picked to sit away from your eyes while contacts are measured to sit right on the surface of your eyes. Be prepared to talk about different types of contacts. Your doctor could walk you through the pros and cons of soft and hard contacts. Also, be prepared to discuss the future of your contacts and how you want them to help your changing eyesight over time. When coming into a fitting, if you already wear glasses, bring those with you. Do not wear eye makeup. This will allow your contacts to stay clean as you put them and take them out.

We hope our last few blogs dedicated to contacts have been eye-opening. We hope this helps you feel more confident in making this step if it appears in your future. We are always here to answer any questions you might have and to discuss your best options. We are always here to support you and your family! As we begin to head back to some sense of normal, continue to stay safe. Until next time, we are here for all of your eye care needs!