Choroidal Nevus (Freckle)

Just as individuals can develop freckles on their skin, they can also develop them in the back of the eye (retina). This is a very common finding in our office. There are typically no symptoms and are found during a routine eye examination. It is extremely important, however, that your physician rule out the presence of any malignancy that may be present within the lesion.

Our physicians have access to the most advanced technology to ensure that retinal findings are documented well and can be easily explained to the patient. If our physicians find a freckle in the back of your eye, they will take a retinal image in order to document the condition and evaluate it for any progression at future visits. Although extremely rare, a choroidal nevus can develop into a malignant melanoma (ocular tumor), so our physicians will recommend watching the nevus a little closer over the first year or two of diagnosis in order to watch for suspicious changes that can occur.