We were so excited about sharing tips and suggestions on how to keep your eyes happy and healthy, we wanted to continue with that idea! It’s time to talk about the health and wellness of your glasses and contacts! 

Hello Summerville! We hope you are all doing well, and seeing clearly! We hope you enjoyed our very first blog, we are very excited to keep up with them and we have so many exciting things coming your way. Just you wait! We know times have been a little strange, but one of the many tips we are pushing our patients to follow is limiting and avoiding touching your eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. We hope our patients are paying attention to that warning and keeping their hands clean. We love these ideas, not only to keep you healthy and safe during this strange time, but this is also excellent advice to follow for healthy and clean eyes. You will be keeping yourself and your eyes healthy if you continue to heed these warnings and continue to practice this important hygiene. 

We wanted to continue down the path of caring for your eyes in this blog as well. This time though, we are going to be discussing the care and maintenance of your glasses and contacts. Even if you’re not someone who wears either, you will still be able to put a lot of these tips and suggests to work. If you wear sunglasses, as we have suggested, or wish to continue to keep your eyes clean, this blog is still for you! Anything you put on your face and near your eyes, you need to keep clean and be very conscious of doing so. This blog is going to offer so many tips and suggestions, that we decided to split it in two. The first part will be dedicated to the care of your glasses, and the second part will be dedicated to the care of your contacts. There is so much information out there, we didn’t want to leave anything out and we didn’t want to overwhelm you. So sit back and relax and enjoy reading about how you can help your eyes stay healthy by taking care of your glasses and your contacts. 

If you have been a patient with us over the years or you’re thinking about becoming one, please know we are here to provide you with the best glasses, contacts, and eye care for everyone in your family. We will help you find the perfect prescription, the perfect type of contacts, and the perfect pair of glasses and prescription sunglasses! What are you waiting for? It’s going to be like seeing the world as you’ve never seen it before! 

Let’s begin with your glasses and the care of them. If you’ve worn them for years or you’re wearing them for the very first time, take time to invest in these tips and suggestions. Remember that your eyes are very delicate. The more care you can give them, the better! 

  • Your glasses are an investment. Care for them as best you can to avoid having to replace them over and over again. This bill can add up very quickly. 
  • Avoid using paper products like napkins, paper towels, and toilet paper to clean your glasses. Even though these products feel soft to you, the small and prickly fibers they’re made out of are terrible for your lenses. They can scratch up and damage the glass with one swipe. Cleaning them multiple times with these products can destroy your lenses in no time. 
  • Remove dirt and debris from your glasses by rinsing them with water and a bit of dish soap. Rub the glass gently and clean them thoroughly with clean hands, and dry them with a microfiber cloth. Avoid using clothing items to dry or clean your glasses, unless they are 100% cotton. Any other fabrics could be abrasive to your glasses and leave behind small scratches, just like paper products. Air drying is also an excellent way to let your clean glasses dry after you wash them. 
  • If you wish to clean your glasses with something other than soap and water, only use sprays and cleaners that have been specifically made to clean glasses! Avoid using any household cleaning products. They could strip the protective coating on your glasses, and be harmful to your health and the health of your eyes. 
  • When you’re not wearing your glasses, make sure you store them properly. The best place to store them is in the case they were brought home in. If you aren’t a fan of that case, there are hundreds of options you can find all over the internet, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Make sure you pick one that protects your glasses and fits your style. 
  • When you take your glasses off, never place them lens down. That is asking for scratches and damage. 
  • Wash your glasses often, at least once a day is the recommended amount. 
  • Wash your frames just as often too. This can help with the build-up of dirt and oil from your face and life in general on your frames. Clean your frames just like you would your lenses. Use a soft toothbrush to clean the hinges and the nose pads, making sure to remove all dirt, grime, and to fix any issues you might find during these cleanings. 
  • Keep your glasses away from sources of extreme heat and cold. 
  • Hold your glasses by their frame, and not by the glass. 
  • Keep your glasses out of danger of food splatters, perfumes, makeup, and other household products when they are being worn and when they’re not. 
  • There are always great home remedies you can find all over the internet to fix smudges or scratches on your glasses. Avoid them, and please come into our office and let us fix those damages! 

We could go on and on with more tips, solutions, and suggestions on how to care for and keep your glasses clean. But these tips are a great place to start! If you implement all of these tips into your daily practices of eye care, your glasses will last longer and your eyes will stay healthier. For now, we will leave you with these tips. We are so excited to see you back for our next blog to learn how to properly care for your contacts! Until then, we hope you always see clearly!