Our Doctors

William J. Dungan, O.D.

Justin Dungan, O.D.

Dr. Dungan founded our practice in 2007. He received his Doctorate of Optometry degree and Bachelor of Science degree from Indiana University School of Optometry. Dr. Dungan also majored in Chemistry while attending Eastern Kentucky University. While attending IU, he served as president of the Fellowship of Christian Optometrists and published a research paper on Accommodative Testing. While at IU, he served as an Associate Instructor in Diagnostic Procedures of Optometry, teaching underclassmen the skills needed to perform a proficient ocular examination.

He is a member of the American Optometric Association and the South Carolina Optometric Association. He has been recognized by Marchon, Inc. as a leader in the optometric field for offering superior product selections and customer service. He has also been recognized by the Management and Business Academy for providing legendary patient care.

Fun facts about Dr. Dungan

  • Dr. Dungan’s Saturday morning routine consists of some quiet reading on his front porch, followed by a bike ride to a local coffee shop for breakfast and coffee, then walking around the Farmer’s Market in downtown Summerville.
  • His favorite song is “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding.
  • Dr. Dungan loves to renovate old historic houses as a hobby.
  • Dr. Dungan’s favorite patient memory is from early on in his career, he thought he saw a possible tumor in the back of a patient’s eye, although she had no symptoms. The patient was a young woman with young children. Dr. Dungan lost sleep for weeks worrying about her and what the outcome would be. He is glad to report that after great treatment at Duke University she is now in remission and doing wonderfully!

Brenda Flores, O.D.

Dr. Brenda FloresDr. Flores grew up in south Texas and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology at the University of Texas at Austin. She completed her Doctorate of Optometry degree at the Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, Tennessee where she graduated Cum Laude and received Honors recognition in the area of Adult Primary Care during her last year of clinical rotations.

Following optometry school, Dr. Flores completed a year-long residency program with a concentration in the treatment and management of ocular disease at the William V. Chappell Jr. Outpatient Veteran clinic in Daytona Beach, Florida. During this time she studied under retinal, corneal, and glaucoma specialists. She was nominated for and received a Blue Ribbon Excellence in Customer Service Award. During her last year of optometry school, Dr. Flores participated in clinical rotations in the Charleston area, where she fell in love with coastal living and all that the low country has to offer.

Fun facts about Dr. Flores

  • Dr. Flores likes to spend her Saturday taking an early morning stroll on the beach.
  • Her favorite song is “The best is yet to come” by Frank Sinatra
  • Dr. Flores hobby is cooking but she wants to learn to garden
  • Dr. Flores’ favorite patient memory is helping a young girl who had a very high prescription. This patient shared with Dr. Flores how she was getting bullied by others due to her glasses being so thick. “Watching the sheer joy and self-esteem boost that she got when she put in her contact lenses was so great to watch. It was nice to be reminded how something so seemingly simple can make such a positive impact on someone’s life.”

Leigh Purvis, O.D.

Dr. Leigh Purvis grew up north of Atlanta in Canton, Georgia, and attended college at Georgia State University, completing her Bachelor of Science in Biology, and obtained her Doctorate of Optometry at Arizona College of Optometry in 2016. Upon graduation, she won several faculty elected awards honoring her for her clinical excellence in Pediatrics and Vision Therapy.

She completed her postgraduate Residency at Nova Southeastern University- College of Optometry in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where she received advanced clinical training in Pediatrics and Binocular Vision. During that time, she was awarded Resident of the Year. She completed her Fellowship of the American Academy of Optometry and is currently working on her Fellowship of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development.

Dr. Purvis has been a member of Lions Club since 2008 where she has served on numerous charity fundraisers and mission trips. She enjoys spending time outdoors, live music, and her puppy, Dobby. She is continuously passionate about continuing her knowledge and education in vision development and neuro-optometric rehabilitation.

Fun facts about Dr. Purvis

  • Dr. Purvis likes to spend her Saturday taking a morning run, spending time at the beach, or listening to local live music.
  • Her favorite songs are “Mr. Blue Sky” by ELO and “Gypsy” by Fleetwood Mac
  • Dr. Purvis’ favorite hobby is learning how to cook beyond a basic level
  • Dr. Purvis has many wonderful memories working in vision therapy, but two favorites are a five-year-old who was unable to appreciate 3D vision due to an eye turn. After a few months of vision therapy, his eyes were straighter and he was able to appreciate depth. He’s now enjoying baseball and a medical student who suffered a concussion on a mission trip was unable to complete her final year due to her eyes becoming a huge visual barrier- she is now happily practicing medicine!

Dr. Spearing

Dr. Spearing grew up just north of Pittsburgh, PA, and attended college at Ohio University, where she received her Bachelor of Science. She then moved to Philadelphia, PA to complete her Doctorate of Optometry Degree at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University where she received Clinical Honors in both Primary Care and Low Vision and Rehabilitation. Upon graduation, she also received a faculty-nominated award for Clinical Excellence in Primary Care.

Dr. Spearing is a member of the American Optometric Association and provides comprehensive eye exams including the treatment and management of ocular diseases. During her last year as a student, Dr. Spearing participated in a clinical rotation in the Charleston area and decided she couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.  She and her Dalmatian, Remi, moved south, and love spending time outdoors and at the beach.

Fun facts about Dr. Spearing

  • Dr. Spearing likes to spend her Saturdays at the beach relaxing, hanging out with her dog Remi and trying out different local restaurants.
  • Her favorite song is I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston
  • Dr. Spearing’s favorite hobby is reading crime/mystery books and going for bike rides.
  • Her favorite patient memory is helping a young boy in a low vision clinic who was having difficulty in school due to a congenital disorder affecting his vision. Providing the right glasses and devices to maximize his vision really helped him not only with his schoolwork but also navigating on the playground and at home. It was a great experience watching him make the most out of the remaining vision he had!

Dr. Willingham

Dr. Willingham is a native of Summerville, GA, and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Cognitive Science and Psychology from the University of Evansville in Evansville, IN (Go Aces!). He completed his doctoral degree at the University of Missouri – St. Louis College of Optometry where he earned special honors in the area of vision therapy at graduation. Finally, Dr. Willingham completed his training at the State University of New York College of Optometry’s prestigious Irwin B. Suchoff Residency in Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation in New York City, where he earned the special recognition of the Dr. Martin Birmbaum Memorial Award for Behavioral Optometry.

Dr. Willingham is continuing his commitment to lifelong learning by working toward fellowships in the American Academy of Optometry and the College of Optometrists in Vision Development, and by earning special certifications, including being certified to prescribe and fit orthokeratology contact lenses. He is proud to make his home back in the South, where friendly faces and sweet tea abound, and is excited to explore every nook and cranny of Charleston culture, especially food, history, and music, with his wife Abbigail and their dogs, Posey and Perry.

Fun facts about Dr. Willingham

  • Dr. Willingham enjoys lazy Saturdays where he can work on projects and rest or go out exploring with his wife, whether it’s a hike, camping, or just trying a new restaurant.
  • His favorite song is Nothing Can Change This Love by Sam Cooke
  • Dr. Willingham’s favorite hobbies are making music, building legos, riding bikes around his neighborhood, and trying new food!
  • His favorite patient memory happened in residency, parents brought in their little girl, who had just started first grade. The little girl was having trouble with school and was undergoing a lot of testing because she wasn’t learning to read and was performing very poorly in school. Her eye exam showed a significant need for glasses. Following up with the patient later, the glasses made all the difference, as soon as she got them she began trying to read immediately, there was no more need for the extra testing, and she quickly got back on track in school. The parents were so happy to see their child enjoying school and the little girl and her parents just lit up when she was able to read the letters on the eye chart!